Looking for a spokesperson or consultant?

A consultant and speaker for several Fortune 500 companies, Neale is available to speak at numerous venues large & small

An acknowledged expert on family and children’s finances for more than 30 years, Neale gets results as she provides action plans for maximizing success in business and life. In her keynotes, she draws on her vast experience as a business executive, problem solver and a mom as she drops nuggets of wisdom people will talk about for years.

“You can’t survive in business without a sense of humor,” she says. “It’s the same sense of humor you have to have to thrive in life.”

An acclaimed consultant for Fortune 500 companies and global projects making a difference for women and children, she has anchored stages for Merrill Lynch, Paine Webber, AIG, AG Edwards, Fleet and New York Life. She has also served as national spokesperson for Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Fidelity Bank, Quaker Oats, UPS, AIG, Proctor & Gamble and Nuveen.

In addition to domestic and international corporations, she’s available to conduct seminars, stage her one-woman show and present keynote addresses for:

· Women Business Groups

· Non-Profit Organizations

· Campaign Fundraisers

· Broadcast Networks

· Corporate Conventions

· Executive Retreats

· Government Agencies

· Chambers of Commerce

· Shareholder Meetings

· Military Veteran Organizations

· Financial Institutions

· Digital Media Conferences

…and more!

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