With her blog “Ja’Momma: Ramblings of the Jamaican Homeschooling Mom,” Suzanne S. Farmer is a self-described go-getter who has creatively balanced her business of freelance writing with her number one priority: providing a top-notch education for her two children.

Today she’s going to walk us through her journey and offer a primer for parents considering homeschooling. Her website is

01:20 Ask Neale (purchasing your first car)

03:00 Guest Intro

06:30 Why Homeschool?

10:00 Overcoming your initial fears

13:30 How to construct daily schedule of activities

17:00 How to build your teaching confidence

19:30 Explanation of "religious exemption"

23:00 How to balance homeschooling with outside opportunities

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I agree with Kim. Homeschooling is a passion of mine but it is work...joyful work!


Great post. We homeschool and love it! :) Plus I run a business and we're saving to buy a third house (without selling the first two). It can be done!

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