The ABC's of Homeschooling

(PODCAST) More parents are now choosing to homeschool rather than sending their children to public or private schools. The homeschooling movement is on fire and Neale finds out what's involved for parents who want to educate their kids at home.

With her blog “Ja’Momma: Ramblings of the Jamaican Homeschooling Mom,” Suzanne S. Farmer is a self-described go-getter who has creatively balanced her business of freelance writing with her number one priority: providing a top-notch education for her two children.

Today she’s going to walk us through her journey and offer a primer for parents considering homeschooling. Her website is

01:20 Ask Neale (purchasing your first car)

03:00 Guest Intro

06:30 Why Homeschool?

10:00 Overcoming your initial fears

13:30 How to construct daily schedule of activities

17:00 How to build your teaching confidence

19:30 Explanation of "religious exemption"

23:00 How to balance homeschooling with outside opportunities

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I agree with Kim. Homeschooling is a passion of mine but it is work...joyful work!


Great post. We homeschool and love it! :) Plus I run a business and we're saving to buy a third house (without selling the first two). It can be done!