A Broken New Year Resolution Is A Broken Promise

By February 80% have already abandoned their resolutions. The fail rate is so high because for most that is their goal.

That is correct, most of us have no intention to even try to keep our resolutions (less than 10% are successful). After all we have nothing to lose, it is just a promise we made to ourselves no one is going to be hurt by lack of follow thru. I argue that you are "someone" and that psychologically you are hurting yourself every time you fail to keep a promise to anyone including yourself.The key is to set realistic resolutions, for example; I will stop smoking for one month or eating sugary sweets for a month or I will save $50 extra this month. These are attainable as compared to; I will stop smoking, I will lose 20# or I will get out of debt. By setting attainable goals you are much more likely to keep your resolutions and boost your morale by doing so.