Affordable Mountain Living in Pagosa Springs, CO

Pagosa Springs is a city designed for adventurers looking to save a buck while living an Instagram-worthy lifestyle.

Pagosa Springs is a city designed for nature-lovers and adventurers. Which makes it a great city for those looking to save money while living an Instragram-worthy lifestyle. Many people move to this town in southwest Colorado because of its breathtaking landscape and weather conducive for outdoor recreation year-round. From trout fishing in the San Juan River to cross-country skiing at Wolf Creek, there are many options for staying active and enjoying nature no matter the season.

While Pagosa Springs is a wonderful place to visit, it is also a desirable place to live. Along with its abundance of leisure activities, this city also offers affordable real estate and an unemployment rate of 3.3%, lower than the national average. If you are looking to move to Pagosa Springs, keep reading for the top things you should know.

4 Things to Know About Living in Pagosa Springs

1. Prepare to be active year round

Whether it’s snowing or sunny, the local residents in Pagosa Springs love to be outdoors. Before your move, start searching for deals on everything from rock climbing equipment to snowboarding gear and everything in between. Choose from recreational activities including:

• Paddleboarding

• Ice Climbing

• Kayaking

• Ice Fishing

• Snowshoeing

• Ice Skating

• Skateboarding

• Snowmobiling

• Downhill Skiing

• Hiking

• Rock Climbing

• Cross Country Skiing

• Sledding

If none of those activity strike your interest, there is still sure to be an outdoor hobby in Pagosa Springs that you will enjoy. This is a city suited for all interests! As well as your pocket book. After the initial investment of outdoor gear, staying active outside will certainly save you more money than paying for a gym membership.

2. Gear up for weekend getaways

While living in Pagosa Springs, residents don’t need to go far to enjoy a weekend getaway. Whether you are looking for something rejuvenating or full of excitement, there are many destinations and activities just a short drive away, making vacationing budget-friendly!

Get an adrenaline fix with a white water rafting excursion on the San Juan River with a local tour guide or rent kayaks and go on a self-guided adventure.

For those looking for some rest and relaxation, there are several local spas in the natural hot springs that offer a luxurious experience and days of pampering. Choose between the Overlook Mineral Springs Spa, Healing Waters Resort and Spa, and The Springs Resort and Spa.

3. Get involved in the local arts and culture

Along with its beautiful natural landscape, Pagosa Springs also has much to offer those who appreciate city amenities. The charming downtown area of this mountain town is full of galleries, museums, theaters, and other attractions.

For those who love art, Pagosa Springs is home to galleries showcasing woodworking, sculpture, stained glass, photography, painting, ceramics, and more. Several local theater companies offer classes and regular performances, while the Pagosa Springs History Museum offers insight into the city’s past including exhibits that feature historical art and visual storytelling. Learn more about Pagosa Springs’ first inhabitants by visiting other cultural sites like the Southern Ute Cultural Center & Museum and Cortez Cultural Center. Be sure to keep an eye on their event calendars to get involved in local activities including art classes, community gatherings, and creative workshops.

4. Schedule seasonal sightseeing

One of the greatest benefits of living in Pagosa Springs is the seasonal weather. In the summer, local residents enjoy lush, green grass and blooming flowers. The fall brings spectacular autumnal colors and comfortable temperatures for hiking and biking. In the coldest months of the year, the city is blanketed in snow making way for winter sports like skiing and snowmobiling.

Local residents have the pleasure of soaking up the changes in the seasons and immersing themselves in nature. Make sure you are free to explore by investing in truck or SUV with 4WD as the roads in the winter often require vehicles that can handle off-road terrain. Take scenic drives through Wolf Creek Pass and the San Juan National Forest or go on an overnight adventure by booking a stay at the Pass Creek Yurt. This unique accommodation provides convenient access to Pagosa Springs’ best outdoor amenities and is sure to be the ideal getaway.

If you are preparing to move to Pagosa Springs, prepare yourself for plenty of time spent outside immersed in nature. This beautiful city is home to a plethora of recreational activities, unique arts and culture, and – above all – a welcoming community. Overall, this mountain town will give you the most bang for your buck in the state of Colorado.