Financial Infidelity: Are You a Cheater?

(PODCAST) More common than you think: A survey commissioned by the National Endowment for Financial Education discovered that 31% of Americans have lied to their partners about their finances.

When one spouse is making significant financial moves without the knowledge of the other, it endangers the financial future of both people.

Neale explores financial infidelity in depth with Dr. John Huber. He’s the host of Mainstream Mental Health Radio which covers today’s top headlines pertaining to psychology. His website is

Episode Breakdown:

1:45 Guest Intro

3:10 Why financial infidelity impacts 1 in 3 couples

6:30 Neale reveals shocking confession on Oprah

7:45 Importance of transparency

9:05 Dr. Huber’s unconventional communication techniques

17:00 Money power struggles

21:22 When people confuse salary with self-esteem

24:42 What’s your financial personality?

29:00 Dr. Huber talks about his projects for veterans

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I loved when you guys talked about unconventional techniques to foster communication.