How Your Love Life Informs Your Money Choices


One of America’s foremost media psychologists, Dr. Brenda Wade has helped millions of people via television, live training events, books and social media create the love they’ve always wanted.

Dr. Brenda is a holistic psychologist, an author of three books, a TV hostess of a nationally-syndicated show “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” and has been featured in Essence Magazine. You may have also seen her on Oprah, the Today Show, Good Morning America, and CNN.

She has some unique insights into how our emotional and mental “stuff” gets in the way of our relationships and finances. Her books and work are all about transforming and expanding human and financial boundaries. Love Lessons: A Guide to Transforming Relationships; What Mama Couldn’t Tell Us About Love; and Power Choices: Seven Steps to Creating Wholeness, Joy, Love and Peace all speak of ways to find – and hold on to – happiness.

Her website is

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How true! We have all heard "staying together for the kids" but to a large extent it translates into; it is more affordable for both parties than either one alone. Is it better for the kids when the motivation is money?

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