Learn Before You Earn

(PODCAST) It’s easy to think that truly successful people were just more fortunate from the beginning. They had the talent, the looks, the money—everything they needed to succeed. But the real story is most entrepreneurs come from humble beginnings.

Mark W. Davis is the Co-CEO of Signal Restoration Services, a U.S.-based disaster restoration company with headquarters in Troy, Michigan.

He is also the Chairman and CEO of PuroClean, a property damage restoration franchise that serves residential and commercial properties throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Mark has experienced a long-tenured career of entrepreneurial success – all because of a piece of advice that he took from a mentor at the age of twenty-two: Learn Before You Earn. He says three factors should influence decisions surrounding your professional future: Learning, Earning and Giving.

· Early In Career: LEARNING

o Fill your toolbox with tools. Ask questions like: Where am I going to learn the most? Where can I gain the tools that will be beneficial later in my career?

o If you’ve invested the lion’s share of the first part of your career in learning, you will have significant amount of earning potential by the time you reach your 40’s.

· Mid-Career: EARNING

o Your career decisions in the next two decades can then be shifted to focus on earning, then learning and giving.

· Retirement: GIVING

o Once you’re near retirement, your career priorities should shift toward giving, learning and earning – in that order.

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Mentorship is key!