We hear the phrase “fashion icon” in jeans style, the names of Marilyn Monroe, Debbie Harry, Brooke Shields come to mind first. It is not surprising, because it was these women who formed the archetypes of female beauty that are still incredibly successful today. I must say that they rightfully bear the title of fashion icons, because these celebrities with a pronounced personality, who have become an example to follow for future generations.
Jeans were rough workwear, and today they are the staple of a fashionable wardrobe. They have become the iconic clothing of many for people of all ages and professions. In addition, they have a unique feature - after a certain time they sit on the figure, becoming a unique thing that reflects the unique lifestyle of their owner.

Marilyn Monroe
The actress had a difficult childhood, but this did not stop her and, to some extent, even helped to win the unofficial title of a fashion icon. In the 50s, actress Marilyn Monroe, the owner of rounded shapes, loved to wear jeans not only in life, but also on the big screen. She chose those jeans that most successfully emphasized her features and dignity. Marilyn Monroe created her own unique and recognizable style using denim clothes as you see on https://stylejeanswear.com/. Jeans at the beginning of her stellar career played a symbolic role in the image of the actress: Levi's 501 jeans, which she impudently and at the same time feminine belted with a neck scarf, quickly gained popularity among girls. Yes, these first 501s Levi's for women (Lady Levi's) were released in 1934 and very much resembled a similar male model. However, the waist of the female model was too high. As you know, after Levi's women's 501, Levi's 501 women's denim shorts appeared. As multiple photos and film materials testify, Marilyn Monroe preferred to wear jeans with a tucked-in white shirt.

In short, Marilyn Monroe popularized denim throughout her career: her character in The Misfits also wears the famous 501s Levi's. At that time, the movie star in such simple and, one might say, work clothes, looked very unusual for the public, but nevertheless, using jeans and a shirt, Monroe created a recognizable image of a simple but mysterious girl. From the crime drama Bonnie and Clyde to the thriller The Eyes of Laura Mars, the restless Marilyn Monroe has represented her own style. But "The Thomas Crown Affair" is really the apogee of her bold images. The white jeans and caramel sweater that Theodore Van Runkle sewed by the individual standards of the actress are still in trend among modern youth.

Debora harry

At the age of 18, Debbie made a decision: to leave for New York and become a singer. However, not all dreams come true so quickly. First, she worked as a secretary in the New York office of the well-known BBC radio station, and then as a waitress.

 But life still gave Deborah Harry a gift. She became the famous vocalist of the American band Blondie. Among their compositions: "Heart of Glass", "Tide is High", "Atomic", "Heart of Glass" - hits of discos, fashion shows and parties. In addition, fans of Debbie's work and not only recognized her as an icon of the fashion of the 70s for her individual style in clothes. As a teenager, the future star was a fan of Hollywood actresses, in particular Marilyn Monroe and Jane Mansfield. This led her to become a blonde and even did makeup in the style of the 50s.