What Men Get Right (and Wrong) About Sexual Harassment


Too often, millennials are accused of not going deep, that somehow just posting something publicly about an issue means you've done something to help solve it. But, as with most issues, it takes more than a tweet to fix culture.

It takes actual work, every day, from men to stop sexual misconduct. It takes examining one's own treatment of women and speaking up to one's friends when they say or do something disrespectful. That’s why I started the #NowWhat campaign and encourage you to do your part to end sexual harassment in the workplace.

Today's podcast guest is LeRon Barton, a writer from Kansas City who currently resides in San Francisco. LeRon’s essays have appeared in Salon, The Good Men Project, Eastbay Express, Those People, AlterNet, Buzzfeed, Gorilla Convict, and Elephant Journal. His site is leronbarton.com.

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I am surrounded by men in my life with three brothers and one of them jokes about a woman who is flirting with him at work what if he reacts to her? Is he at fault?


thank you for featuring a man who is taking action on sexual harassment and helping others who need guidance in this matter