Writing A Persuasive Essay:

The purpose of a persuasive essay is to persuade your reader to agree with your arguments and the most effective strategy to lure them is by creating that ‘personal’ vibe.

According to the FESP framework proposed by Michael Port,you should essentially write with your audience in mind.

Focus on elements like ‘how would they feel about an issue?’ and how does the world appear to them in physical, emotional, spiritual and physical terms.

A really effective technique for creating an impressive persuasive essay is to add strong justifications for your chosen position and any claims you make relative to it.

Go for a profound research on your chosen theme and include elaborate evidence through statistical data, proven theories, expert opinion, ‘what-if’ or ‘suppose’ hypothetical scenarios and expert judgment from influencers.

If you’re using any real-life examples, testimonials or case studies, then ensure that they’re compelling enough with true stories of personal experiences to augment your stance and any related argument.

The aim eventually is to drive required action from your reader through ‘Social Proof’.

Always pick a theme that pique’s the reader’s interest, connects naturally with your reader and encourages you to present your perspective or stance clearly along with a strong refutation of the opposing view.

It’s wise to include any limitations or weak theories for the opposing paradigm in your persuasive essay structure, primarily the body.