A good case to buy USD ?

Patrick Reid

A strong case for buying hashtag#USD ? Oh yes but not so fast gunslinger hashtag#usdcnh failed to break and close below 6.7000 hashtag#DXY failed to break and close below 100DMA at 96.40 Where the hell can i buy it ? EURUSD is rubbish. Net net little divergence post FOMC neutral stance and trouble in Europe. This mornings (non service) PMI in Germany weaker, CPI soft, yellow vests, Italy's deficit and 2 trill debt time bomb....I could go on but you get the picture. Cable - a political 50/50 ccy so forget it USDJPY too many moving parts: yields, risk, equities AUDUSD strong jobs versus Westpack rate cut comment O/N. USDCAD - The Loonie but its not because of the bird What a horror show. I might get a real job.

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