A little story of my old career and how i changed things

Patrick Reid

Before I was a trader I used to have a job in tv - to be more precise I worked at the wonderfully archaic hashtag#BBC I did many roles and floor managing was one of them. This is a clip taken a long time ago and it got on a popular show in the UK called hashtag#haveigotnewsforyou Unfortunately I unintentionally got caught on camera so maybe the career change was already in the making. A few things to remember: I was a lot chubbier back then mainly because I hadn't discovered hashtag#barrecore I HAD however discovered the infamous BBC canteen - along with pie and chips as standard fayre. If you're in a job and not "performing" that well (like me in the clip) consider changing careers. If you want to learn how to trade it is never too late. We at hashtag#adamisprinciple can help you. Message me for more

Video clip of me in an old job