CABLE VIEW 11th December

Patrick Reid

#CABLE: for those of you old enough to remember trading in 1986 let me show you the good old days. Look at the monthly chart. Forget 1.16 because there's a new dog in town. It's called BREXIT. I'm not going tell you my views on if it's good for The UK. (everyone else has already done that) I'm sorry to be brutal but as a trader I don't care. All I care about are the potential moves on each option. Here are my considerations: UK PM and the letters - if she gets toppled - Cable should bleed some more but I'm not interested Ongoing re-neg with Brussels - chop city John Major with a cute idea of revoke 50 - for a later date once it's a proper deal. Not one written on a back of an envelope with a kids crayon. Cable should get lifted but not for me. What i AM interested are the below. This is when you will get the REAL moves and you can forget 2 or 3 big figs. NO DEAL 2ND REF GENERAL ELECTION I'm going to leave you with two of my favourite numbers. Take real good look and maybe take your pick. 1.0366 1.50 big fig