CADJPY chart with rates and macro

Patrick Reid

#CADJPY Not a cross I often court but my friend hashtag#beatnussbaumer told me it's always good to find the easiest pair to trade. DXY is mixed and USDJPY the only USD I will sell. Considerations: hashtag#BOC is the last CB to properly blink. I think there's more to come so watch this space. hashtag#Housing and personal hashtag#debt still not resolved. Rate spreads on both nominal and real yields advantageous on the hashtag#USDCAD leg of the cross On the other leg of the cross hashtag#USDJPY materially weaker as US yields tanking. Bonds flashing growth warning on Friday. The t-note and 30 year got lifted. All helping to hit JPYxxx However, I am aware that OIL is still firm and way off the lows from the recent rout. This is the only supporting factor on the CAD side The technical picture looks very tired as the lower BB broke. 83.50/80 a good line in the sand. Please look at the upper half of the BB from January 2019. This is significant. Net net it means to me a sell on every bounce.

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