I spoke to The Investing Channel which goes out in The States

Patrick Reid

Some thoughts and views today for hashtag#theinvestingchannel going out in hashtag#TheUS I spoke about 1.1485 on EURUSD despite the political circus Also OIS and the fact a rate CUT is being priced in. I did not spend too much time on the JPY flash crash but 104.80 as we stayed above. I have been informed from a friend that EBS printed 104.10 even. This was given 3 times which means 200MMA got taken out. Apologies as i said it was 104.80. Anyway it could not stay below which is still significant. Other than that i spoke about 5 year inflation swaps weaker despite oil bouncing. Not a pretty picture. Many thanks hashtag#iansessions at hashtag#tradermade and hashtag#greggibbs for supplying charts.