Patrick Reid

#Adamisprinciple will be rolling out a few #Masterclass top tips on how to #tradefx for the month of January. It's free and from me.

Tip 1 - how to trade breaks.

Please remember it is an arbitrary science. All i can tell you is what i do, give my considerations and preferred action plan. Other traders differ and that's fine. The point is do what works for YOU.

1.1487 is 100 DMA and it has held resistance more than once

The level I'm looking at is however 1.1515 PRE break i'm offered at 1.1510 stop 1.1530 (lets rinse it first)

I am looking for a close on the DAILY in NA above 1.1530

Be aware of a retest as it is a second bite of the cherry If the break fails you might be square if you managed to rinse it PRE break (see above)

If you want to know more message me.

We are launching a series of masterclasses this year on how to trade FX. We've been doing it long enough how to teach grandmothers to suck eggs. 30 years in hedge funds and banks. Like i said - we've grown the grey hair so you don't need to.