Making sense of macro 6th January - WEBINAR now posted

Put your tin hat on because we'll be going of the flash crash - among other things !

Making sense of macro 6th January hashtag#beatnussbaumer and I will be talking about the hashtag#flashcrash and what actually happened. Not why but what. This is actually more important moving forward. hashtag#brexit is upon us again but where's the trade if parliament says no ? We are still both risk bears and as hashtag#jamesathey commented "AUDJPY" is just the gift that keeps giving. We'll be sense checking the FED rate path with OIS and I'll be questioning how far USD can go lower. Just don't mention Powell and Put in the same sentence ! The webinar is free of course and I'll post it pre Asia Sunday night hashtag#macro hashtag#institutional hashtag#usd hashtag#fed hashtag#derivatives hashtag#bonds hashtag#usdjpy hashtag#fx hashtag#traders hashtag#eurusd