Making sense of macro 9th December

Making sense of macro 9th December 2018
Making sense of macro 9th December 2018

Each week we'll be talking about how to trade FX successfully. We'll also look at current market trends and risk events with lots of opportuntities for every...

Patrick Reid

Making sense of macro - Sunday 9th December ---- JUST NEW IN ---- #JDI legend and ex #jpmorgan PM #juliettedeclercq has allowed #adamisprinciple to a couple of her brilliant charts ! It's going to be a great show tonight so stay tuned.

This week we are going to talk about fact versus fiction with a case study on G20 and Trump China. It's really important retail traders (and a few institutional ones too) know the difference. With that in mind the focus will be on risk pairs like: AUDUSD, AUDJPY, USDJPY (but this is tricky) Also straight from the hip in a rat-at-at-tat kind of way: hashtag#Brexit and hashtag#howtotrade it this Tuesday. Did someone say fade ? hashtag#Jaypowell and hashtag#fmoc this December. Could a dovish hike could hurt USD some more ? hashtag#EURUSD still stuck but 1.13 is now a proper level. Let's look at 2 year Other than that we'll be going through the usual stories rocking our boat. hashtag#beatnussbaumer in the house of course. Unless Federer is playing tennis that is.


Making Sense of Macro