AUDUSD was one of the best recipients of the leaked QT story. Here's my take to trade it


The WSJ/QT story is here to stay - until Wednesday. It hashtag#beatnussbaumer and i discussed this at length on #makingsenseofmacro last night so if you are retail i urge you look at the options. Sometimes it's best to just go with the charts.

Considerations: AUD housing a mad dog with fleas

NAB action on mortgages helping the pain QT lifting PA to a sticky area with 200 and 100 DMA near 0.7185

0.7310/30 the mother of all levels - check weekly China and Trump meeting - i see more window dressing

Bottom line: I AM NOT selling risk pairs before Wednesday because if a pause in QT is taken as a start of a FED put you can forget being bearish for sometime. It makes perfect sense to see this QT story as being pragmatic for JP and not giving in to the markets but markets want risk at the moment. I can just taste it. Any little nibble could cause a proper squeeze and I am not one to sell that squeeze. I'm happy to fade or sell the risk fact post Wednesday but smalls. Any questions please comment and ask. Finally my charts are from the wonderful guys at #tradermade They have been doing spot charts since 1985 and #iansessions is an old trader from Tower. We never met but he knows what's what.

Mustard charts and a clean interface. That's why Adamis Principle like them.