EURUSD in 2018 and what to expect with JPY and VOL

Patrick Reid

A slow day at the office but JPY pairs grinding lower despite a little respite on equities. Be aware. hashtag#EURUSD Make me famous and stick this chart on your fridge. It tells an interesting story in 2018 for a failed lift above 1.2550 Considerations for 2018 The FOMC rate path steady at 4 x.25 bps a year US macro the best ever Europe not getting traction on Core CPI - at all QT biting in EM as USD funding hurts Now we have oil tanking, EU QE failing, US OIS repricing to 1x25bps for 2019 and a real concern in global risk assets - especially now as China needs to deleverage some more. For me it's all about JPY and VOL for core pairs

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