Josh says to read a book that was recommended to me previously called "Fantasyland" by Kurt Andersen. Excerpt: "After the financial meltdown, in spite of our government’s actions to contain the damage and prevent a full-fledged depression – and because of those emergency actions – a rabid fraction of us, hysterical true believers as well as the merely pissed off, could no longer be controlled. Some called themselves the Tea Party and even engaged in cosplay, appearing at protests and community meetings in eighteenth-century military drag. Dozens were elected to Congress and became the convulsive tail wagging the Republican dog. They hate or think they hate the status quo, including government itself, so they’ve been delighted to make the federal government stop working when they couldn’t force it to give them total victory – to them, dysfunctional government is an end, not just a means. The reality-based Republican elite who’d kept the fantasy-based communities as their useful idiots had been playing with fire. The idiots finally understood that the people in charge considered them idiots – and grabbed the matches."