About: Phil Davis' "The Progressive Investor"

Be the house, not the gambler.

Learn to "be the house, not the gambler" with Phil Davis of Phil's Stock World.

Too many Americans fail to have conversations about their financial health. Too many don't gain experience in investing while they're young, when decisions can have tremendous impact on their financial well-being. We hope to remedy this problem by teaching options strategies and sharing our insights on investing and the markets with you.

Phil Davis has been teaching option strategies and sharing trade ideas with hedge fund managers and high net-worth investors for over a decade at the popular options trading website, Phil's Stock World. Phil notes, "It’s very important for people to build a strong financial knowledge base and turn that into a strong portfolio which they can depend on for a secure future."

Stocks have been the best means for wealth appreciation over any long period of time. Options are an important tool to supplement your investing.

There is no reason you cannot learn to invest in stocks and to use options to increase your returns. You only need a brokerage account and the motivation to learn. First, get familiar with equities and option strategies. Start slow, practice with play money, and get a feel for how options work.

We'll help show you how. Ask us questions.