Just Another Maniac Monday – Trump for Life!


President Trump for life!

That's the word this weekend as Trump said to a group of Republican supporters regarding China's President Xi abolishing term limits:

"He's now president for life.  President for life (boos).  No, he's great.  And look, he was able to do that. I think it's great. Maybe we'll have to give that a shot some day.

Well there's nothing more exciting to stock markets than Fascist Dictators on the march, just ask 1929!  More dictators means more guns and more bombs and, in fact, China raised their military budget by 8% for next year to 1 Trillion Yuan and that is now being circulated by the Conservative Media to demonstrate why we need to raise our $1Tn Military Budget and it works because they can count on the fact that their viewers are too stupid to remember that we started this by raising our own Military Budget by 8% and, of course, they know their audience hasn't got a clue that there are 6.34 Yuan to a Dollar so 1Tn Yuan is actually only $157Bn which means China's TOTAL military budget is less than Trump has raised ours in the past two years! 

Russia's military budget is $70Bn, in case you are wondering about that "threat" and notice how Putin demonstrate his new missile just in time for Trump to press to raise our Military Budget this year by the entirety of Russia's Military Budget – what a lucky coincidence for Trump's agenda!  And having an "enemy" like Trump to point to solidifies Putin's position as the unquestionalbe leader of Russia – doing anything he wants "for the sake of security" – much like the Government in Orwell's 1984 or the current Trump Administration. 

Angela Merkel is not a dictator but she just spent the last 6 months since the election forging an alliance that lets her extend here 12-year reign for another term at the head of Germany and de-facto head of Europe.  Putin has been in office 5 years longer than her and Xi came to power in 2012 – so he has a long way to go if he wants to match his other Democratically elected peers as the longest-serving dictator in modern times.

It was only 1982 when China ratified a constitution and Brezhnev had been ruling Russia my whole life (since 1964) and Helmut Kohl was replacing Helmut Schmidt so almost the same thing since 1974 (and 16 year of Schmidt to follow) while Thatcher led the UK for all of the 80s along with Reagan/Bush 1 in the US.

So it's only been a very, very brief flirtation we've had with actual Democracy and elected leadership and now the Dictator Class is flexing it's muscle again and looking to impose some new order on the World and they are using the same old playbook of keeping a constant threat of war to justify their actions as they deprive the people "for their own safety."  That's because the Top 1% do much, much better when the Oligarchs are in charge.  So anyone who matters is firmly behind this plan.

Maybe it's because I was born in the 60'sand saw the old guard toppled by idealism that I'm sensitive to seeing these Dictatorships gaining ground again.  I talk to people all the time who have no problem with what's going on and act as if it's perfectly OK to round up people and deport them – even pregnant mothers with US Citizens in their bellies (because doesn't citizenship begin at conception?).

This post I'm writing won't be published on Seeking Alpha because they don't allow political conversation and, this weekend, US Representative Devin Nunes said that Stephen Colbert's jokes are "a danger to this country" and there has been no public outcry against Nunes.  WTF is happening here?  WAKE UP PEOPLE – Democracy is something you have to fight for or "THEY" take it away from you!

“The left controls not only the universities in this country, but they also control Hollywood in this country, and the mainstream media, so conservatives in this country are under attack … they attack people who are trying to get to the truth,” the head of the House Intelligence Committee added.

Well, everyone has an opinion, I guess and, as long as I control the media – I will speak out against the ressurection of the Old World Order – the one that led us into decades of wars that left tens of millions dead on battlefields and hundreds of millions dead from starvation and disease.  Someone needs to do something before those "good old days" are back again.