Bob, I see a scam here with the freedom check ordeal. Also with other agency's involving people like Jim Rickards. Is this really the case? Used to have a "bank of you" if you know what that is, but in the end with all that my wife and I have been through we only have a 401K and no hope of retirement. The rest of the money.... gone. At our age is their a way to more agressively plan our retirement?

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@davelulu - I don't know that I would call Freedom Checks a scam because their claims are possible - the problem is that there is a 1/2% chance of success while they are claiming otherwise. I always refer to a scam as one that there is no chance of happening. It is a fine line. As far as a retirement, there is always a way. You just need to know your options. Email me at and we can exchange emails.