my husband and I are both 60 and our house payment is 698.00. he drives an hour and half one way to work and he wants to try to sell our house and move closer to his job in denton i work in arlington. we only owe 89,000 and our interest rate is 3.65%. would it be wise to try to start over in buying a house closer to the job or stay put and try to pay it off? all the houses in our budget go faster than we can go look at. We currently live in Venus Tx. Thanks for your help.

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@patsyc - I would start a process of investigation. First, make sure that the opportunity looks good to buy a house and that by selling your house and moving that actually solves the problem. By going through this process, is your financial situation better or worse including the drive? Does the decision create peace? Second, let God worry about the timing. If the right house is out there and you are indeed suppose to go through with it, then God will order your path. Above all, keep it in prayer and let go of the attachment to the outcome that you think should occur. God might have other answers that only His timing will reveal.