Back on Campus: Get an A+ on your money!

Banking on campus offers a wide variety of convenient services, but the CARD act has changed the way students can access credit. Let's learn more about how college students can get great deals to manage their money.

#AdviceForBackToSchool Choose the best bank or credit union for student deals and save more $$$!đź’° Did you know the CARD Act has changed the way students can apply for credit? And how does a check actually bounce?
Learn about overdraft protection and why it might be a good idea, especially for students just learning to manage their finances. #WednesdayWisdom #MyCollegeCorner

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This is so important! Great way to become more financially literate. It is imperative that college students understand how overdraft protection works, interest rates on credit cards, and also what it means to sign an arbitration agreement. Plus those late fees!