Internships provide needed skills (and often cash)

Internships are vital for students transitioning to the workforce, but what should they do to secure an opportunity?

Internships are essential for college students and recent grads joining a competitive job market. They offer training, professional development, valuable networking and (usually) an opportunity to earn some money, too.

Students who complete at least one internship before they graduate strengthen their resumes and set themselves apart from their peers. An internship provides a structured learning experience in some aspect of a career they may want to pursue. To get the most out of an internship, it helps to be focused on several basic questions. For instance, is a paid internship necessary to reduce student loan debt or is an unpaid internship ok just for the experience? Is there a preference for a big company or a start-up? No matter the type of internship, find one that provides the resources, equipment and facilities to help make for the best learning experience.

When is the right time to apply for an internship?

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