Another Easy Scam to Fall For

Unfortunately, scammers are getting more aggressive and creative.

Another Easy Scam to Fall For

Unfortunately, scammers are getting more aggressive and creative. This is why it is important to make sure that you stay aware and protective of your identity and your possessions. A lady in our neighborhood received a call from DIRECTV about a service call. This was about setting up a service call to come out to her house and inspect their DIRECTV system. Initially, it seemed harmless. It was their friendly "scheduled maintenance call." After having a difficult time scheduling the appointment, the lady became suspicious. She called DIRECTV and sure enough there wasn't anything scheduled on their service schedule for their home. It was the start of a scam.

This is just like the jury duty scam. A scammer calls a potential victim asking them why they didn't attend Jury Duty. While explaining to them that they might be in trouble and facing fines for not showing up, the scammer pauses and suggests that there might be a mistake. To determine whether or not a mistake had occurred the scammer asks the potential victim to verify some information. They ask to verify everything from address to social security numbers. The victim complies and just like that, their identity is now compromised.

These two scams seem to fly under the radar. A service call from DIRECTV as well as an innocent mistake missing jury duty seem like reasonable scenarios. Just keep in mind something. First, legitimate companies don't approach you through email, phone calls, or personal visits asking to verify information. Second, legitimate companies don't initiate service calls. Companies respond. They don't initiate.

Most scams seem to prey on the elderly, there is not an adult child of an elderly parent that does not worry about these type of thing happening to their parents. Make sure and keep an open dialogue with your parents about these types of scams. Awareness is the first step to prevention!