President Trump is out of Bounds Going After Amazon

President Trump has an issue with Amazon and is singling out the mega giant for its' tax treatment. It was reported that one of the reasons he is going after Amazon is because "several friends say it is killing their businesses" (killing brick and mortar businesses). Trends are killing traditional retail. Trends are changing and you don't penalize Amazon because they are ahead in innovation and giving the people what they want. He claims that jobs are being lost. If that is reasoning, he needs to stop the development of technology because that in itself is a job destroyer.

Retailers are going out of business because they refused to change. Take JCPenny or Sears for examples, these are two companies with archaic business models who are behind the times. Technology is moving on without them. Once again you can't punish Amazon because they are leading the way.

If Amazon is getting away with not paying taxes, then remove the loopholes for everyone. Going after one company for these types of reasons is not a good move by our President.

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@Liberty - this is almost anti-free market. I am sure that there are a whole host who are under the same tax structure - why not point out the problem with the tax code then "go after" as if it were a personal vendetta - What company will be next? No President should call out publicaly traded markets in that manner.


I'm okay with him pointing it out, but businesses that complain rather than change are headed for a decline. Any company is free to use the current laws to compete. It's the beauty of the free market. It forces new ideas and advances.