Random Thoughts for a Thursday -Wells Fargo Guilty Again

Every once in a while I have random thoughts to share with you. So I thought I would start a random thoughts piece.

Random Thoughts for a Thursday -Wells Fargo Guilty Again, Tech that Saves Money, Retire Overseas for Less!

Every once in a while I have random thoughts to share with you. So I thought I would start a random thoughts piece.

Wells Fargo to Pay a 2 Billion Penalty

Yes, this is a brand new one not to get confused with the other 6 or so fines and allegations. They "allegedly" created tens of thousands of residential mortgages containing lies or manufactured data. As a result, investors of those mortgages lost billions of dollars. They did not "admit" to the liability. So, they pay the fine and they are not guilty? If you are not guilty, don't you fight it? If the regulators can prove it, aren't they guilty? Since when can you be guilty and not admit to it? How does this bank cease to exist? Just give it a week - another Wells Fargo story should hit the news.

How to Retire Overseas

I did an interview on a very cool book - How to Retire Overseas. If you have any thoughts of doing so, check out Kathleen's website. There are a lot of free newsletters to sign up for - www.liveandinvestoverseas.com. Out of 16 years of doing interviews, this might be one of the more interesting ones. One of the highlights is how you can live in some of these countries like a King on an average income. Listen here for the podcast.

Fidelity Is Rolling out Two Free Index Mutual Funds on August 3rd

I never thought I would see the day when a mutual fund company creates a mutual fund with no transaction charge, no commissions, and no expense ratio. Nothing, NADA, no fee! Sorry to be cynical...What is the catch? There is no free lunch and no company stays in business giving products away.

Tech Designed to Save You Money
Technology is designed to make our lives easier. But which ones actually live up to the hype? This site, advancedtech.com analyzed apps, gadgets and subscription services for everything from shopping to personal finance, and identified the tech that saves you the most time and money! Top savers by category:

  • Automated food delivery: 25 hours & $480 per year
  • Property rentals: $1,080 per year
  • Water bottles: $730 per year
  • Budgeting: $11,400 per year
  • Streaming media: $960 per year
  • Car share: 35 hours & $1,248 per year

Check out the full resource!

Tonight is the first pre-season game of the year!! I never have been so excited to watch bad football.