This is when it is good that Trump is President

There are many things that trouble me about a Trump Presidency. His relentless spending and increasing our debt. His obsession with creating false optics. The way he treats trusted advisers. etc. However, I am totally confident in his ability to protect our country and those who can't protect themselves. We have been a diplomatic door map for way to long. As America, we have to stand up for what is right and good. There is no hesitation on Trump's part to do that.

Because of his lack of understanding of complex issues I have concerns about his ability to consider the effects of his actions(gave up on him understanding his words long ago).

@atkinsww1 - yes, that is a concern. I think that every President has its' pros and cons when it comes to these situations. I just wouldn't want one that is going to back down. He clearly isn't going to back down.