This was China's response which is exactly what I was concerned about in the post earlier this week.

"We will immediately fight back with a major response," a Ministry of Commerce representative said during a Chinese-language briefing with reporters Friday in Beijing. "We have no other choice."

"We feel America is very arrogant. They have taken a wrong action. The result is that they will hurt themselves. If they release the list of $100 billion tariffs, China is prepared. And will not hesitate," he added.

"We have prepared with a bottom line mindset and have planned detailed action. We won't start a war, but if someone does, we will definitely fight back," the representative said.

The word arrogant was used. They aren't backing down. They are not going to instigate a war. However, they will if someone else does.

They are fighting Trump with his own ego. Do you really think that Trump is going to back down? All you have to do is poke the bear. Does this look like two sides who are ready to negotiate? Some one is going to have to back down in this case of Russian roulette. This is the problem with win/lose negotiations. That is why they call it war!

Some say this is just negotiation. It seems more personal as far as country pride goes. Someone will say this is a small effect on the economy. Just ask those companies that this effects. This should get interesting. This is probably Trump's first war!