Why Build Community? My Story

What is community when it comes to a website? I have been talking a lot about community on the radio.

Why Build Community? My Story

What is community when it comes to a website? I have been talking a lot about community on the radio. Community is important because it is a gathering place for like-minded individuals to go and learn, get encouraged, share opinions, and most importantly, invest into the lives of others. Stewardship is a tough subject for Christians and no one has it mastered. We are just called to learn and grow and community helps that happen.

God gave me a special gift with the radio show back in January 2000. I have always said that God had a sense of humor with the notion of me being on the radio. At the same time, I have had the burden of this calling for many years leading up to that moment of getting that chance. God just put it into motion with the Prudent Money Radio Show. We have always had the website. However I felt that there was a calling for that as well and it was to build community as a trusted website for Christians to go and learn about the confusing subject of money and the even more confusing subject of stewardship.

Having breakfast with a close friend of mine, we talked about a movement to accomplish that task. God gave us the Modern Day Stewardship Movement. We talked about it. I didn't know what to do with it at the time. I felt God would let me know. Then this opportunity came out of nowhere to become the exclusive writer of Christian financial information for the Maven. You will hear more about themaven.net in the future. It is a publishing and news/opinion platform of eventually 100's of writers who all specialize in one area. The founder, James Heckman, is assembling the best writers from around the country to be a part of it. Once again, there goes God's sense of humor again. With God's provision, Prudent Money was selected. It is my belief that the themaven.net will take over the media space. James Heckman is an intense individual with an intense vision for a platform of diversity that provides real news and information.

Now we have the platform to take this message of financial hope to those who want/need to hear it. I have asked for your help to build community on the site. I am humbled by the response. You can still be a member of the founding group of the Modern Day Steward Movement by sending me an email at bob@prudentmoney.com.

Why do it? It is time now to educate ourselves on how money works, learn to be the steward of what God has given us, and figure out this whole stewardship issue in the modern day. Thank you for the comments and the article likes on the website. Thank you for the willingness to invest your time into helping others because that is what community does in so many different ways. These are the first steps to building community.

@GunnersMom send me an instant message @BobBrooks or email me at bob@prudentmoney.com your cell phone number for our text alert system - thanks for coming aboard

Thank you, Bob! We appreciate all that you do! Happy to help!!

I believe this is only the beginning of something much bigger. Thanks for allowing the community to join and help. I am learning a lot. Thank you.

@RikDaniel - thanks for your reply - I think that God is going to do some cool things with this initiative. It takes a community to make it work!

@devyshka - send me either an instant message or an email at bob@prudentmoney.com with your full name and cell phone number for our text group - so glad you are going to be a part of this!