At what point should I take profit out of PBR?

You can note the general sell zones for all former positions in this video. https://www.themaven.net/seanhyman/premium/uwr-ap-update-12-01-17-hdi3Jg9UTECPJiZ-UWuYQw Like I stated in previous weekly videos though, if you're up 20%+ on most any former position, you should consider taking profits. Exceptions to that are the purer anti-dollar plays: GLD, SLV, PPLT, ULE, FXC

Great review of the UWR and AP positions.....I am still in most of them...and am patiently watching them recover from the market downturn in late 2015 early 2016....But as previously noted....it's a marathon....not a sprint.....


Yes. Also be sure to view today's weekly video where I talk in general about our former positions too.