Beware Of Your Natural Tendency To Want To Tweak Our Investing System

Why your natural tendency to tweak our system will end up throwing a wrench in the gears that make up the system.

Common ways investors mess up our investing system and end up botching their long-term results:

  • Cherry picking
  • Biases
  • Adding to or taking away from the system
  • trusting unseasoned, novice thinking over seasoned advice that's designed a system with many facets/factors in mind

God bless!

No. 1-2

Haha... that is so very true Sean... because of course I have been tempted to do something like that and previously have done so .. i have to admit.. i am still in cig ..!!...thanks for the great video!


Sorry to be so dim, but does 'cherry picking' (in this context) means choosing which stocks to buy ? If so, I have no choice but to do that. Took me 2+ years to build up the present portfolio (UWR and AP). 'Biases' I presume mean preferring one stock over another because of what one has heard. 'Adding or taking away from the system' I also don't understand ...(again apologies !). Please could you explain :)