hey sean!!hope thing are going well for you and yours! just wanted to see if anything has changed on some of the old positions from the other letter. i still hold pbr mbt abx vale cig and ogzpy. has anything changed with these positions? if, this not the format to ask i apologize and send me to the correct avenue. thanks for all you do,greg!

Good to hear from you. No, nothing has changed. I'm still bullish on them. Here are my sell target ranges for them. https://www.themaven.net/seanhyman/premium/logical-investor-weekly-video-08-17-17-WK96K4p0NUGCWoY92ktv8Q The exception to these sell target ranges are if you're up a huge % due to averaging down. If you had an unusual percentage gain, it's usually prudent to take those profits. Some have averaged down and had profits of 30-50% or more on some of them and so it was prudent to take profits which such outsized returns.

Ideally, it's best to ask about former positions in the Premium tab. But you're fine, Greg. Glad to be of help.