Hey Sean, I am an old uwr follower, I was wondering what your thoughts on TOT and MBT are? Thanks Bob. I saw what you said to one guy and it sounded like we got rid of TOT, I was wondering if I missed the sell signal.

It's good to have you here with me, Bob. Newsmax technically controls those portfolios now and they'll send out their own sell signals, which I most likely won't agree with. It's why I made my own video for former subscribers here so that they'd know the sell ranges on each position. Be sure to make note of them on all of your positions. https://www.themaven.net/seanhyman/premium/logical-investor-weekly-video-08-17-17-WK96K4p0NUGCWoY92ktv8Q

Obviously, the new guy and I have two very different investing styles and belief systems as it concerns stocks.

TOT could be getting towards the high end of its range, and the same could be said for BP as well. Both stocks are at some of the highest levels they've been at in a decade.

MBT on the other hand still likely has quite a ways to go. See the video link above for all sell zone ranges for both portfolios.