Hey Sean, what do you think about BP and TOT (former Ultimate Wealth Portfolio) today. Is it getting close to time to sell? Thanks

Both have soared and continue to put in 52-week high after 52-week high. No doubt at some point a decent sized pullback should happen since they're getting stretched away from their moving averages. BP is fundamentally more expensive than TOT. BP reaches some important resistance at the $41-$43 zone and TOT's is $55-$62ish. We're at the start of its zone of resistance now. Now...can they go much higher? They can if oil continues higher. Oil is still towards the lower end of its 10-year range. So if you're up a large percentage, you can always consider selling half of your shares and keeping half of your shares and placing a stop-loss near your average breakeven point. That can help to ensure some gain while keeping one leg in the game to stand the chance of further gains but yet limited loss.

Thanks Sean!


You're welcome.