Hi Sean
I have 3 different annuities , each in a different Company(example Hartford, John Hancock. I am still learning on what to do when and I appreciate your insight. What changes do you recommend that I have each of the companies make with my accounts to minimize my losses during this bear season. I have another 3 or 4 years before I can start taking payments from them.

Annuities are complex instruments. They're all very different. I'm not a fan of them because they are structured more for the benefit of the rep selling it to you than for you. (That's my personal opinion). But since they're all structured so differently, I would have no idea the terms of each of your annuities. But I wouldn't be able to advise you one-on-one about that either. That would be crossing the line. My advice has to go out to mass audiences (newsletters/videos, etc.) and they can decide what's best for them after that. Some annuities have some downside protection for down markets and some do not. Annuities aren't versatile enough for me. So after your 3-4 years is over, you might look into other products. Check with each provider to see what they're invested in and what happens to them in a down market (bear market) scenario. Your rep will be able to tell you.