Hi Sean: I was wondering what your thoughts are on the Iran situation and the price of oil. Companies such as DO and USO have risen quite a bit over the last week. I sold USO, but have retained DO. Its done quite a hike upwards since Tuesday.

No. The overall pick-up in inflation, the decline of the dollar over the past year, etc. has had more to do with oil's ascent from $26 to $71 more than anything.

But since Tuesday DO (for example) has risen $2 [$18- $20 is over 10% in just 2 days]. The charts of the other oil companies look similar. I was just wondering from a geopolitical point of view.

Yes, the news events can help stoke near-term rallies. No doubt. But with oil peaking its head up above $70 is a big deal for these deep sea drillers. That likely helps the most.

Makes sense. Thank you :)