Hi Sean, thanks for all of the great information! Since there is so much risk in the stock market, and it may take a plunge, how do you think that will impact the stocks in your two previous portfolios? I don’t want to wait years for these stocks to bounce back. Thanks!

There's trillions of dollars of institutional money. They can't go to cash like you or I could do. That means the money, when it rolls out of overpriced stocks, has to go somewhere. It could normally go to bond, but they're overvalued this time around. It could normally go to utility stocks, but those are overvalued too right now. So the only places it has to go, in my opinion, are to the types of stocks that we've held in former portfolios and in the present, Logical Investor portfolio. We're in the pockets of value and in many cases, very defensive assets. Now, as I've said multiple times before, when the market correction initially starts, there is no asset immune to the initial sell-off. But after that, the overprice stocks continue to sell off and money continues to run into the low P/E pockets of value. In fact, it's my opinion that large institutions are already rolling out of high P/E stocks while the "moms and pops" are so excited to buy their shares from them...and they're rolling into defensive stocks and low P/E stocks and it's why you've seen quite a rise in many stocks in our previous portfolios, as a result.