How To Get Notified By Email When I Post On The Site

Here's now to get emailed when I post something on the site:

You'll learn that there are actually several ways to receive emails:

  • To be notified of ONLY the Premium content on the site like the Monthly newsletters and Weekly videos
  • A way to view all stories/articles/videos that I post on the site
  • A way to follow only when I post
  • The way to completely turn off email notifications (which I don't recommend)
  • Also, I discuss the best ways to contact me and ask me a question...the quickest and the worst/slowest ways and why.

But you'll see...the control is up to you as to how much you get notified about what's going on at the site. EVERYONE (new subscribers and long-time ones) should view this video.

God bless!

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Aaron Crosby
Aaron Crosby

Hmmm, not sure this is the best way to implement it but one thing I miss about the old portfolio is the "trade alert" emails. Maybe a section could be added that "only" you can post to for trade alerts specifically. Then we all could set our notifications for that section. ???

Sean Hyman
Sean Hyman


Yep, good point to add.

Alan Blommer
Alan Blommer

FYI, if you don't see "Turn on Notification" listed after selecting the hamburger icon, then click the down arrow: