I wonder if it's a good time to get back into BTU after its forced reorganization courtesy of the Obama administration? I work near the mines and see trains full of coal heading south every day... multiple trains actually with hundreds of cars! If BTU is not for us I get it, but it sure makes me feel good to see those coal trains rolling down the line. Good day!

Glad you like the new format.

SafetyPaul don't touch BTU with a 50 foot pole. For its reorganization, the bankruptcy court judge ruled for the creditors and the equity holders were totally wiped out. Not one penny realized from the company's reorganization. Besides, the company is up to its eyeballs in debt. Don't touch it!


Yeah until it's debt is lessened, profit margins return, etc....I wouldn't want to own it. There may come a point at which to own a coal ETF, but not just yet.


I don't know the legal aspects of a bankruptcy, but it seems that equity holders would have some sort of recourse. Just wondering.

Nope. Equity holders are the last in line when there's a bankruptcy. Bond holders are first. preferred shares are next and common shares (which are what most people own), are the last on the list. They have the most potential upside but they also carry the most risk.