If I am wondering, maybe others are too.. I have seen that there seems to be 2 bits of advice. If you are up 30% or so, SELLl. If not, the Securities will likely still hit there targets as outlined in 12/1 and even further video. If we are either NOT at 30% or more, AND are not near the target... Are we safe to hold through correction? Or do we need to liquidate before correction barring a loss?
The rub here is that these were supposed to be bastions in rough seas and though you outlined the ANTIdollar plays that are safe, I was wondering about the Foreign and Oil Securities

But yes, any unprofitable positions are solid enough, in my opinion, to make it through a correction.


The purest anti-dollar plays are the ones I'd still consider holding if you presently own them: GLD, SLV, PPLT, ULE and FXC.