Sean we are overdue for an overview on the UWR portfolio can you do a collective update please

The long-term technical resistances and the fundamentals to support those valuations won't be changing. So those sell ranges noted on each position still stand and will continue to stand. The overriding thing that trumps this is how much someone is up on their positions. If someone is up some unusual percentage above typical, they may want to consider taking profits and raising cash for new LI positions and to average down on present or future LI positions. Everyone will have a different scenario depending on if they've chosen to average down or not and how many times they averaged down etc. So some people could have gains of 40-70% on a position whereas others may be around breakeven or a slight loss depending on where their initial buys were at and if they averaged down and how many times they averaged down. So that's why if someone is up some unusual percentage, they should consider taking profits on those positions and capturing those gains. If they're not up at all or up some very small percentage, then they might as well hold on until those long-term sell target ranges are met.

Keep in mind too that at any time, you can ask about any former position you wish and I can give some commentary on that.

much appreciated