Trading Update;

I jumped back in our "food" stock, (multiple times). This is a gift at these prices. I also have 40 dollar options.(Sean, I may need some help on this part, as I said before, I know enough about options to hang myself :) I have traded this in this range for the past 10 days, but will hold due to options closing tomorrow. I think it may have a positive effect on it. PS> I made around 1K in/out(small amounts) , great trading range

Also looking to get back in our "store" stock, hoping for a draw back to 12.50ish. I did very well on 2 in/out swing trades.

Likewise with our electronic stock. Hoping it will fall back into the low 8's/high 7s. Only one swing trade on it. 2K.

Made almost 20% on our Tech stock. I will jump back in sub 135's Ha, I almost hit the bottom on first round at 107.47(which almost never happens)

Thanks for the picks, enjoy the site and reading when I can.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I do not follow SEAN's exact trading style, so unless you are able to watch, do exactly as he says.

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Sean Hyman
Sean Hyman


Glad I've been able to be of help. Congrats on your gains. When buying options, it tends to be better to buy lots of time until expiry and buy in low volatility...and favor debit spreads over outright call-buying. More on that in my latest option report which will be out either today or tomorrow.