Apple's Stock Sell-Off Is Only One Of Many Landmines To Come In This Bear Market

Here's more on the implications of Apple's warning and stock sell-off and what it means for you.

In the video above, I'll also be discussing:

  • Whether you own Apple's stock or not, it's likely going to affect your stocks. In the video, I tell why.
  • How I helped my subscribers dodge many huge sell-offs
  • A couple of stocks I'm warning about how that could be the next shoes to drop
  • The levels to watch for this next stock rout
  • Why, if you're a Christian, you especially need to be keeping watch over your assets right now
  • FREE resources that can help you become a better investor
  • How to get your investing questions answered
  • How to get stock investing recommendations based off of sound fundamentals.

​Here's the YouTube version also:

God bless!

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Sean Hyman
Sean Hyman


It's even spilling over into the currency market.


Shared this. As a stubborn uneducated horse myself who's taken years to truly hear Sean, I can only hope to lead others to water. When they drink is up to them, but I know I'm sleeping well right now.


Is it possible to watch this video from YouTube? I haven't been able to locate it, but the video here stops after a few seconds when I try to play.


Hi Sean, l cannot access your reply to my comment. This is what I get: 404 - Page. Oops, we’re having trouble finding that. Thank you in advance for correcting the error, Bob