Here's a radical idea: don't have any student debt!

Don't buy into the idea that your child has to go into debt to go to college. Just because most people think this way, doesn't mean it's the right way to think. In fact, if most people think a certain way about finances, investing, money management, etc., then it might not be the right way to look at those subjects.

Articles like this one can be helpful, no doubt, but they can also reinforce mass thinking.

By starting to save early for your child's college, your child working while going to college, and your child going to a community college for the first two years, you can help guide your child through college with little or no debt. Wouldn't it be great to help your child start off their career with no debt?!

It can be done. Believing it can be done helps you figure out how it can be done in your personal circumstances.

Another good approach to solving this challenge is to talk to someone who has helped his child go to college without accumulating debt. Learn from those who have done it.

Many students can get their first two years at a community college with the Pell grants alone. Check it out!


Yeah, great point. For example, if you are a resident here in Dallas County, any 3 credit hour class at a Dallas County community college is $177 or $59/credit hour. It's a very affordable way to get your first 2 years of school done without needing any loans.


Yes, I told my kids they could get scholarships or go serve our country and let Uncle Sam pay for it because I wasn’t for them starting out loaded up in debt either. Agreed.