If you do what everyone else is doing and you think like everyone else is thinking, then you'll end up where everyone else ends up! What I love about Sean Hyman, is that he helps us think from a biblical point of view. I know first hand, meaning I've personally witnessed it, that he lives what he teaches.

This article is so mainstream. It is not that it is completely wrong, it's that it doesn't help you to think differently. This article will never teach you how to get the windows or floodgates of heaven opened up over your life (Malachi chapter 3). It only teaches you to think mainstream and even the math does not add up.

I don't disagree with a 4% withdrawal per year during retirement. What I do disagree with is the mentality of how can we make our money last long enough during retirement. That's small thinking!

I'm not far away from retirement and my thinking is I want to have more money in my investment portfolio at the end of my retirement than I had when I started my retirement! You don't hear this much from the mainstream investment "experts."

How can this happen? 1. You put God first with your tithes and offerings. 2. You are a generous person with your money. Our pastor says it this way: don't love money, love people with your money. 3. Have a withdrawal plan. 4. Have an investment plan that earns you more through appreciation, dividends and interest than you withdraw every year. It really is fairly simple. However, if you don't do #1 first and #2 second, you won't experience God's windows of heaven over your life.

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Well said

Sean Hyman
Sean Hyman


Thank you, Russ. Yes, I couldn’t agree more with what you said. Spot on!